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Therapeutic Programs for Mental Health and Addiction

From the Comfort of Your Own Home

What Is EHN Online?

EHN Online is an intensive virtual mental health and addiction solution for those who need more support. Our intensive outpatient programs provide barrier-free and easily accessible support to those who need it.

Who Is EHN Online for?

Our services are for those seeking mental health and/or addiction treatment. If any of the following points describe your current situation, we can help!

  • You are a busy parent or professional who can’t leave your home/career to receive support
  • You have tried counselling apps, conventional therapy/counselling but need more structure
  • You are tired of re-explaining your situation to numerous professionals and would prefer a more cohesive recovery experience
  • You are considering taking medication for your worsening symptoms
  • You are looking for more than just therapy
  • You are in recovery and are looking for a refresher course
  • You don’t feel ready for an inpatient rehab program but want to continue your recovery process

What We Treat

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Mood (Depression) and Anxiety

Workplace Trauma

Sex and Love Addiction

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Effective Treatment Designed With Life in Mind

For clients who need more intensive treatment and structure than individual or group therapy alone, Intensive Outpatient Programs are virtual mental health and addiction treatment programs that can help clients get back to family, work and life quickly. Develop and practice important skills for recovery in real-time, and track progress on our corresponding Wagon app. This flexible teletherapy program lets you achieve recovery on your own terms, with a team of trained clinicians supporting you every step of the way.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

EHN Canada partnered with Wagon to conduct a four month pilot study to understand effectiveness for improving patient outcomes.

Happiness Increased

64% of participants reported an increase in happiness while using Wagon.

Supported a Recovery Plan

86% of participants reported that Wagon helped them follow their recovery plan.

EHN Online Testimonials

Tim C.


“EHN Online provides me with a daily recap of my recovery efforts. Especially useful during hectic periods, it requires a daily inventory of not only my material efforts, but also my spiritual and emotional accounting. EHN Online’s best feature might be the ability to allow my counsellor access to my efforts, spotting trends that I might not have noticed and offering guidance as needed. It takes a village…”

Chris F.


“My introduction and subsequent use of EHN Online was exactly what I needed in early recovery. From the daily sobriety counter to the daily, weekly, and monthly task checklists. The accountability was a welcome addition in my life.”

Shelbi Snodgrass

B.A. Psychology, Alberta

“EHN Online is improving the quality of life of my clients. It’s an excellent tool to build accountability, awareness, and overall personal balance. EHN Online allows clients to work closely with a counsellor, and piece together for themselves the holistic aspects of recovery while they discover triggers, and practice appropriate coping mechanisms. I’ve personally experienced the fluid therapeutic relationship EHN Online promotes, and have seen this translate into deeper levels of vulnerability in group sessions with peers.”

Michael P.


“EHN Online gives me the ability to track and monitor the most important elements of my recovery. Although I have several years of sobriety, I have never had the ability to see what parts of my program are being neglected the way I do with EHN Online. In an instant, I can assess where I have been slipping over the previous week and get back on track. If I have been having a bad day or two the answer is usually waiting for me when I get back ‘on the Wagon’.”

We Are Here For You

Our counsellors are available to lead you through recovery via secure video conferencing.
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