What is IOP

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Barrier-free mental health and addiction treatment that works

What is an IOP?

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is an online addiction and/or mental health treatment program that uses evidence-based practices to produce long-lasting results.

IOPs are designed for individuals who need more structure and intensive treatment than they are receiving from standard treatment options such as one-on-one therapy, medication, and support groups on their own. Best suited for those with mild-to-moderate symptoms, IOPs are provided through an online therapy platform, and can be as effective as residential treatment for many people.

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Benefits of Joining an IOP

  • Flexible scheduling helps prevent interference with family time
  • Maintain your work life while in therapy
  • Receive support and connection from others in a safe and non-judgemental space
  • Manage progress and avoid relapse with a structured aftercare program
  • Involve loved ones in your recovery for additional long term support
  • Receive immediate support with rolling intake and support on demand
  • Stay on top of your own recovery with progress tracking

IOP Programs Available:


Substance Use Disorder

For individuals struggling with addiction to substances such as alcohol or drugs.


Mood (Depression) and Anxiety

For individuals with anxiety, depression, stress, or trauma symptoms.


Workplace Trauma

For individuals whose jobs put them face-to-face with people in trauma, or in direct danger.

Teen daughter with mother having casual talk in home

Teen Mental Health

For youth aged 14-18 exhibiting symptoms of mood and anxiety disorders.

How does an IOP work?

Online intensive outpatient program (IOP) participants will benefit from 9 hours of group and individual therapy sessions for 8 weeks, followed by 10 months of aftercare. Included in the program is access to EHN’s online platform and app, Wagon. This allows participants to identify and follow through with an action plan for recovery, while connecting and reflecting on their journey with those experiencing similar hardships. Throughout the year of programming, the Wagon app doubles as scheduling software to help ensure that meetings are properly scheduled and attended.

The 8-week Substance Use Disorder curriculum is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the underlying causes of addiction as well as a variety of skills and techniques for recovery. The program includes:

Psychoeducation on addiction

Develop a thorough understanding of the nature of addiction and recovery process, as well as the related biology and psychology.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Identify connections between thoughts, feelings and actions to increase awareness of how these things impact addiction and recovery.

Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

Develop skills such as mindfulness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation, to help adjust behaviour and surroundings to aid recovery.

Relapse prevention techniques

Limit relapses in recovery by learning how to anticipate triggering scenarios and developing skills to cope with these difficult situations.

Group therapy sessions

Provides a safe space to talk through experienced difficulties and develop strategies for overcoming them.

Individual therapy sessions

Personalized and private one-on-one support from your home to establish goals, coping mechanisms and more.

Healthy living practices

Learn about additional measures to improve your mental and physical health and implement them to enhance your recovery.

Support with the tasks of daily living

Discuss, monitor and manage the basic self-care tasks you do every day to help form a platform on which you can build your recovery.

EHN online recovery plan

Work with an experienced to develop a custom recovery plan that addresses your specific challenges and goals.

Family program

Family members can develop the required knowledge and skills to best support their loved ones, as well as themselves.

Homework and exercises

Skill-based homework to complete between sessions, complemented by tasks/features in the app to use in parallel with clinical materials.

10 months of aftercare

Maintain accountability and supportive relationships by continuing with 2 hours of group therapy per week following your program completion.

Personalized Recovery With the Wagon App

Recovery is a journey. Our Wagon app can guide you on that journey and help you stay on track.

Working with a counsellor, you’ll design a personalized plan for recovery that you can access anytime, anywhere. You can set custom reminders, log your emotions and progress, and create your own gratitude list.

You’ll spend a few minutes each day logging goals, feelings, triggers, and more while you strive to meet your recovery objectives. Your counsellor will follow your progress and recommend strategies to help you move forward during weekly coaching sessions.

Access to the Wagon app is included in the IOP for a full year.


Who is it for?

Our services are designed for individuals seeking more mental health and/or substance use support. If any of the following points describe your current situation, we can help!

  • You are a busy parent or professional who can’t leave your home/career to access support
  • You have tried counselling apps and conventional therapy/counselling but need more structure
  • You are tired of re-explaining your situation to numerous professionals and would prefer a more cohesive recovery experience
  • You are considering taking medication for your worsening symptoms
  • You are looking for more than just therapy
  • You are in recovery and are looking for a refresher course
  • You don’t feel ready for an inpatient program but want to continue your recovery process

Not sure if intensive outpatient programming is the correct path for your journey to recovery?
Check out our resources:

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Step 3

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Ready to get started?

The first step to recovery is to identify your symptoms and history. Complete a short assessment through our online sign up process. This will help us to identify the right program for you.If you decide to move forward, you can register for an intensive outpatient program and begin your recovery. If you need to speak with us, you can complete the sign up process over the phone with one of our admissions counsellors.