About EHN Online

Who is EHN?

As a recognized leader in addiction and mental health services, EHN Canada is committed to increasing access to treatment across the full continuum of care. EHN Canada has over 75 years of combined experience in treating mental health and substance use disorders and is the leading private network of adult residential and outpatient treatment services in Canada. The EHN philosophy of treatment is rooted in the following ideals: every patient deserves a personalized recovery process, therapeutic community is of the utmost importance, and ongoing, open-ended treatment is key to preventing relapse. To learn more, please visit www.edgewoodhealthnetwork.com.

Our Mission

As recognized leaders in addiction and related mental health services, we are committed to increasing access to treatment across the full continuum of care.

Our Team

Our inter-professional team is made up of compassionate and dedicated individuals, many of whom are in recovery. They’ve been there, and they understand what their patients are going through. The experienced team at EHN is committed to ensuring that each patient is provided with the tools they need to achieve their recovery goals.


Anni Muhlegg,

Registered Addictions and Mental Health Counsellor (British Columbia)

Anni has been working in the field of mental health and addiction for over 20 years. She is passionate about supporting integration and guiding clients toward their own skills and wisdom for optimal health. Her approach to recovery as a dynamic process is guided by compassionate inquiry grounded in gratitude, resilience, purpose, and meaningful connections.


Peter Levine,

BA Hons, JD, MA (Addictions Counselling)
Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Addictions Counsellor (Ontario)

Peter has extensive knowledge and experience in addiction and co-occurring related mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, and trauma. He focuses on building strong therapeutic connections with his clients through a structured, empathetic, understanding, and client-centered approach.


Kim Holmgren,

Certified Addictions Counsellor (Ontario)

Kim has been involved in the recovery community for over 16 years. After completing his own treatment, he began volunteering at the treatment centre that helped him.  This began his journey towards helping others recover from addiction and sustain long-term recovery. Kim’s client-centred approach to therapy is based on an understanding that recovery is not the same for everyone


Shelbi Snodgrass,

BA, MC Counselling Psychology (Candidate)
Addictions and Mental Health Counsellor (British Columbia)

Shelby has worked in the field of addiction and mental health for five years. She is enthusiastic about the process of recovery and self-empowerment. Shelby works from a holistic approach that promotes self-discovery. She recognizes and values collaboration in creating an integrative healing experience.


Michelle Bernard,

Thérapeute spécialisée en Toxicomanie (Quebec)

Je travaille en intervention et réadaptation des dépendances à la Clinique Nouveau Depart depuis plus de 8 ans. C’est un domaine que je connais depuis plus de 30 ans. Je me spécialise dans l’évaluation des points forts des personnes qui ont un problème de dépendance dans le but de les aider à se rétablir et à retrouver leur autonomie. Je crois en l’importance d’aider la personne à développer son potentiel et ses ressources. J’adapte mon approche selon les besoins de chaque individu.

Agustina Jorquera

Agustina Jorquera,

M.Ed., Registered Psychotherapist
Registered Psychotherapist (Ontario)

Agustina has extensive experience working in the field of mental health in different inpatient and outpatient facilities throughout Southern Ontario. She has facilitated group therapy and provided individual counselling.
She uses different approaches to therapy, depending on where you are at. Some individuals respond best to a blend of CBT and DBT, while others benefit from an insight-oriented therapy approach. We will determine the best approach to use together.


Colette Currin

BA, Hons Psychology, CCAC
 National Director of Military, Veterans & First Responders

Colette is a clinician and an business developer, working as a member of the Outpatient team while also managing the referral relationships and treatment needs for veteran, military and first responder clients. With 27 years of personal recovery, Colette combines her lived experience and clinical expertise to help others develop the knowledge, skills and confidence in their own journey back to self.


Sarah Russell

BSW, MSW (Candidate)
Registered Social Worker (Ontario)

Sarah’s counselling approach is person-centered, holistic, and influenced by over ten years of experience as a yoga teacher, specializing in therapeutic and mindfulness yoga. Open-minded and compassionate, she maintains a non-judgmental approach, and is honoured to support clients in (re)discovering their resiliency, power, and unique paths to healing.

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Robert Chuckman

Registered Social Worker (Ontario)

Robert is a MSW social worker, specializing in psychotherapy interventions for individuals and families. He has worked in community-based, hospital, residential, online, and private practice settings. Robert provides dynamic group and individual psychotherapy for a wide range of needs.


Gee Rath

Client Care Coordinator

Gee joined EHN in 2017 as Executive Assistant for Edgewood and moved over to EHN Outpatient Services in February 2021.  Gee’s current role as Client Care Coordinator ensures that the client’s journey throughout their programming is smooth and stress free. With over 20 years administrative experience and a background in auditing,  Gee takes care of all the finer details for clients so they can focus on their program.

Gord Young

Gordon Young

M. Sc.
Outpatient Clinical Counsellor

Gordon has been on a continuous path over the last 20+ years utilizing his skills and strengths to refine his clinical addiction recovery abilities. He is passionate about assisting those who are challenged with addictions into moving forward. As a successful and experienced clinician, he believes that he can add another dimension to Edgewood’s plans of virtual recovery programming plans. He enjoys working in collaboration with a variety of experienced colleagues to creatively better the rehabilitation experience for all clients.

Bri Drummond-Hay

Brianna Drummond-Hay

Outpatient Admissions Counsellor 

Brianna is passionate about recovery, not only from addiction but from any maladaptive coping strategies and mental health issues. She believes that helping our clients experience connection is the first step to re-establishing feelings of safety and joy in their lives. Brianna is an EHN Canada alumni herself and has been working in mental health and substance use since 2016.


Stacey Johnston

Team Lead, Outpatient Admissions

Stacey has been an integral part of the EHN Canada admissions team since 2019 and has been involved in the recovery community since 2017. Helping individuals find the right treatment approach for their specific needs is what makes Stacey’s role so essential to our clients’ recovery journey. Stacey brings her personal passion for health and wellness to her role at EHN every day.


Sabrina Yau


Sabrina is a Registered Psychotherapist and Professional Art Therapist. She completed her Master of Counselling Psychology and Art Therapy through Adler University in Vancouver and has since worked with young and older adults in the field of mental health and addiction. Sabrina completed formal training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and is known to be collaborative and creative in her approaches to addressing mental health needs and concerns.


Samantha MacDonald

Corporate Care Specialist

Samantha graduated from Carleton University with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Mental Health, with a minor in Psychology. She currently works with EHN Outpatient Services as a Corporate Care Specialist to ensure that referred clients are admitted into the appropriate program for their individual needs. Samantha follows clients throughout their time in treatment with EHN and ensures all required reporting and communication is provided to the clients’ referent(s).