Refer a patient

Refer a Patient

Support is just around the corner

Edgewood Health Network and EHN Online are dedicated to ensuring that every patient has access to a personalized recovery process, a therapeutic community, and ongoing treatment to prevent relapse. Refer a patient today and help them receive the support they need.

Benefits of referring a patient to our network:

  • Therapy that gives patients the skills to heal while maintaining commitments to work and family
  • Quick access to high quality outpatient treatment
  • Specialized streams to treat depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction disorders
  • Programs led by experienced professionals trained in effective online therapy
  • 3-day family workshop for an unlimited number of loved ones
  • Wagon app with clinically integrated content
  • Dedicated Client Care Specialist (CCS) to coordinate referral and reporting requirements
  • High program completion and retention rates

How to refer a patient


Complete the online form below, or call 647-430-1690 to speak with our client care specialist.


Our client care specialist will review the referral, contact you to confirm receipt, and coordinate an assessment call for the patient.


The patient will join an IOP that suits their needs. Reports will be completed as discussed with the referent.

Resources for healthcare practitioners

Selecting the right network for a patient is an important decision that will determine their journey to recovery. Learn more about our methods and practices.


The Mental Health Survival Guide


Mental Health Solution: Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programs Infographic


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Postcard

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You asked, we answered.

Find responses to our most frequently asked questions here.

How do you measure outcomes?

Outcome measures are administered at intake, during treatment and post-treatment to ensure we are achieving the best possible outcome for your client’s recovery. This includes the use of GAIN-SS, PHQ-9, LDQ, GAD-7, OQ45, OQASC.

Am I able to be informed a client's ongoing progress?

Our team will collaborate and communicate with you while your client is in our care and can be available for case-conference calls to discuss post-treatment recommendations. We provide bi-weekly progress reports and a discharge summary upon completion of treatment. 

Is your online platform private and secure?

Patient security is of utmost importance to the EHN Online team. Our Wagon platform is private and secure, using HIPPA, PIPEDA and PHIPPA compliant video conferencing software used to facilitate individual and group sessions.

Is coverage and funding available for Online programs?

Many insurance providers recognize and offer coverage for EHN Online programs. We work closely with our referrers and patients to explore available coverage or funding options. We also offer financing options.

I would like to learn more about EHN Online before submitting a referral. Who can I speak to?

Should you or your client wish to explore our programs further, please reach out anytime to our Client Care Specialist at [email protected] or 1-800-387-6198 ext. 1156