Refer Friends/Family

Refer Friends or Family

Get personalized support for your loved one

Edgewood Health Network and EHN Online are dedicated to ensuring that every patient has access to a personalized recovery process, a therapeutic community, and ongoing treatment to prevent relapse. Refer a friend or family member today to help them receive the support they need.

Benefits of referring a loved one to our network:

  • Therapy that gives patients the skills to heal while maintaining commitments to work and family
  • Quick access to high quality outpatient treatment
  • Specialized streams to treat depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction disorders
  • Programs led by experienced mental health professionals trained in effective online therapy
  • 3-day family workshop for an unlimited number of loved ones
  • Access to ten months of aftercare and group therapy with our Wagon app
  • High program completion and retention rates

How to refer a loved one


Call 888-767-3711 to speak to an admissions counsellor.


We will review the referral and coordinate an assessment call for the patient.


Your loved one will have the opportunity to join an IOP that meets their needs.

Resources for loved ones

Selecting the right network for a friend or family member is an important decision that will help guide them on their journey to recovery.
Learn more about our methods, practices, and more.


The Mental Health Survival Guide


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How to talk to and help someone with addiction

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